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Garcia's Wolf

the wOLF is the original Assemtrical body design doug Created early in his career while at Alembic.    


The body wings on the Wolf are construced using 11 layers of alternating purpleheart and CURLY maple veneers with a purpleheart core. The top and back are cut from AAAAA popcorn quilted maple, carefully chosen for grain and figure. THE top features the iconic Wolf inlay, which originated as a sticker Jerry added to the original Guitar. Later, AFTER A FALL FROM A STAGE on tour, THE GUITAR WAS SENT BACK dOUG for repair and refinishing, the sticker could not be salvaged, so Doug Irwin replicated it in wood, brass and ivory. We do the same only, we use a synthetic ivory.



The unique "neck-Through" construction is a defining characteristic of the Iwin wolf. The neck is constructed using 3 layers of CURLY MAPLE OFFSET with 2 layers of paduak. All Wolf models come standard with a 1.687 NUT AND 16 in. radius Gabon ebony fretboard. the neck and headstock are bound with natural wood and synthetic binding.

 The headstock face plate is Gabon ebony and bound w/ the same binding as the fretboard. On the reverse of the headstock there are 6 alternating veneers of curly maple and purpleheart. The rear overlay extends a tongue to the 1st fret for extra reinforcement in what is a traditionally weak area.


the wolf comes with a Kluson reproduction of the original Schaller harmonica bridge. 

 The Bridge is set on an Alembic style Brass tone block.

 The tailpiece MADE FROM POLISHED ALUMINIM and the coi fish CUT OUTS inlaid w/ blue paua abalone.

 The wolf comes with ratio locking tuners

Schaller M6 can be used upon request for an upcharge.

The Wolf is available in three configurations.

1. the o.G. 73'  model with Bare-knuckle single coil pickups  and sticker inlays with a peacock on the headstock.

2. the 77'- mid 78' version

 with 3 single coils and OBEL w/ source Follower buffer. Irwin eagle on the headstock and newer wolf inlay. 

3 The late 78 version with single coil and two humbuckers.

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