The Rosebud Tribute Model construction specs are very similar to the Tiger model, though certain characteristics, like the carving, the length of the horns, and the lower bout  is rounder. The body has a curly maple core with vermilion and maple stripes. The top is made of a very straight-grained hand selected cocobolo. The Rosebud oval is one piece of Gabon ebony, inlaid with a skeleton made of legally compliant synthetic ivory, holding a reconstituted stone rose with a brass stem and an abalone Ankh on a chain.  Her hair flows in inlaid sterling silver.  The control cavity cover on the rear is cut from the same piece of wood as the back and it is bound in alternating strips of holly and vermilion.

The neck on any instrument ordered is custom-made to the customer’s specifications – any profile, thickness or nut width. We try to accommodate the players hand and finger size and his or her individual playing style when designing the neck on any instrument we build.  The 16″ radius,  Gabon ebony fretboard is not Jet black like Tiger, it has characteristic figure and brown streaks like the original. We use a  .105 x .045 (medium wide)  fret wire on the fingerboard. You the customer can choose what is written in the 24th fret inlay block. Rosebud in the circus font is standard but you can personalize it or have the J Garcia. The front of the headstock is overlaid with Gabon ebony and is accented with brass, on the rear six pieces of alternating vermillion and curly maple veneer are used to strengthen and accent the volute area. There is a D shaped thumb print on the back of the neck under the 1st fret . At Scarlet Fire, we only use Kluson brand harmonica bridges. This bridge is a huge step forward in construction, compared to the original cast pot metal Schaller,  each bridge is milled from a steel billet . The saddles are brass for the ultimate in tone. The Rosebud tribute comes standard with gold Schaller M6 tuners, but I can use Schaller’s M6 locking tuners upon request. I try to keep in sync with the specs of the original  but, wherever possible I try to improve the tone with modern equivalents  which, is what Jerry was constantly doing anyway.

The guitar comes standard with three DiMarzio super distortion humbuckers. All the internal electronic components  are of the highest available quality and meet or exceed military specs.

The guitar also has an onboard effects loop and a buffer circuit made by Wald electronics.  MIDI and Piezo pickups are also available.

Due to demand and availability of materials (principally cocobolo and Gabon ebony), please call for current pricing.

I require 1/3 of the price down to start, another $1000 when hardware and electronics are ready for installation, and the rest upon completion.  The electronics cost will be greater if MIDI is added.

Call or email us today at or (469) 289-0968 so we can get started today on your dream guitar. Satisfaction Guaranteed!