Scarlet Fire Guitars offers a selection of top quality guitar parts. I make most of them by hand and have take great care to insure accuracy and utility. I also have scoured the world over to find obsolete and hard to find electronic components to compliment your build with us, or even to “Jerrify” your own build. If you have any questions, be sure to email or call me at or (469) 289-0968 for quotes and prices.

Current list of parts and prices


  • Brass Tiger style p-up switch plates $30
  • Brass Rosebud style p-up switch plate $35
  • Wolf stainless switch plates are $45
  • Brass p-up rings are $60 (any configuration)
  • Wolf coi fish Tailpiece inlayed with MOP (2.10) spacing $135 inlayed w/ abalone $145 (comes w/ polished mounting screws)
  • Rosebud tailpiece w/ cocobolo riser $90
  • Tiger tailpiece w/ cocobolo riser $90
  • Aluminum Lafayette Stereo style knobs set of 3 $65
  • Tiger style flat-top knobs (light, medium, or, heavy knurling) (Solid-Brass) $20 per knob
  • Rosebud style dome knobs (light, medium, or, heavy knurling) (Solid-Brass) $22 per knob
  • US-made Mil. spec. 73′ Wolf top-hat knobs $16
  • Dual jack plates brass $35
  • Alligator style brass electronics cavity extension $75
  • Alligator V2 tailpiece $105 (Similar to Bigsby tailpiece)
  • Alligator V3 tailpiece, with purpleheart riser $70
  • Alligator input jack surround $40


  • Complete Wolf fret board inlay scheme $300 in MOP or $400 in legally compliant synthetic ivory
  • Complete Tiger fret board inlay scheme $320 in figured MOP
  • Complete Rosebud fret board inlay scheme $310 in figured MOP
  • Rosebud inlay oval $650
  • Tiger inlay $500
  • Tiger art deco flower oval inlayed in cocobolo mounted in quilted maple $700
  • Red\green\black\white marquetry strip for Wolf fretboard $18
  • Red\blue\yellow marquetry strip for your own flowery oval 2 pieces $27 (enough to complete on oval)
  • Ebony\Holly\Purpleheart\Holly fretboard binding 2 strips 20″ long $27
  • Eagle inlay, MOP or brass $120
  • Eagle inlay, legally compliant synthetic ivory $180

All of these items are do-it-yourself inlays for builders. I can produce a completed inlaid fretboard or inlay a fretboard you provide. With all these options, there are almost too many combos to list, so email or call me at (972) 239-3811 for quotes and prices.

Electrical Parts:

  • RV4N 250k/250k pots for single coils or the Wolf $27
  • Allen Bradley RV4N 250k/500k mod pots $52
  • Precision Electronics 500k pots $18
  • Precision Electronics Alessandro 25k log pots $22
  • Mil. spec. gold contact, silver solder lug, DPDT switch $7
  • Switchcraft 12B stereo 1/4 jack $2


We also do all major electric guitar repairs, setups, and “Jerrifying” you own instrument. Call us for an estimate. Hourly shop rates start at $100/hr, plus parts.