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Here are a few comments from some of my customers.


There has been no guitar in my hands ever before that feels, plays, and sounds as good as the ‘Rosebud’ that Leo Elliott built for me. Not only was I amazed at the craftsmanship ( from the intricate carved body shape and contour, to the inlays, and the diligence to get all the details just right ) but this guitar quickly became an extension of my musical expression with the action, feel of the neck, and its sustaining rich tone. I’ve received numerous compliments since it’s ‘hit the stage’. The wood grain was especially a great selection (looks very similar to the real-deal)! Leo was very communicative and thorough in making sure that this would become my ‘dream’ guitar. As this guitar has the ‘MIDI’ system built-in, the electronics setup was a feat in itself and Leo took on the challenge well prepared and tested everything before it left the ‘den’. I thought that sharing this wonderful experience would help others have an opportunity to realize their ‘dream’.

After I let ‘Rosebud’ get its inaugural play at Skipper’s Smokehouse last night, the general feedback from the UJB audience was that the guitar is the best sounding of any guitar I’ve played there. I have to agree and considering the range of tones and the MIDI on board, it will be my go-to instrument without a doubt. Reaction was similar at the festival in Lakeland last weekend; Heather Gillis, who plays with the Butch Trucks Band and sat in this past week with Warren Haynes and the Allman Brothers, joined us on stage for a couple of songs and could not stop complimenting regarding the beauty and sound that she was hearing on stage. It has a great feel to playing it as well. Have a great weekend!

Alan G.
Tampa, Florida


I recently took delivery of the full wolf cadillac from Leo. I honestly think it’s the best guitar I’ve ever had. – I’m serious, and I’ve owned a wide selection ranging from other boutique makes to several Fender and Gibson custom shop guitars and almost everything in between.

The pictures do not do this guitar justice. In person, the AAAAA quilted popcorn maple top has an almost 3D esthetic to it that is stunningly mesmerizing. And what really stands out is the extreme attention to detail that Leo provides on the guitar. It’s truly a work of art. The mammoth ivory inlays are flawless, the wolf inlay is pristine. You can tell the difference between someone producing guitars for money and someone creating guitars with love and passion. Every single inch of the guitar is crafted in the highest quality. Every knob and electronic component moves perfectly and interacts intuitively with the guitarist’s touch. There are no corners cut on this thing.

What was the best surprise though was also how well the guitar plays, the plethora of tones available and how brilliantly transparent it rings out. I opted for the ’78 set up with the single coil neck and dual humbuckers because I not only wanted the Jerry Tone, but I was hoping for a guitar that inspired me to go deeper into my own tonal visions. To be sure, this thing nails Jerry’s tone, and I mean dead on (spend 30 seconds in the middle pickup position and you’ve got it). But what really got me was the amount of other tones available. It’s not just the pickup and coil tap / obel electronic wizardry, it’s really the neck and how the tone-woods come together that make this guitar such a player. To be sure, the neck on mine is the best feeling neck and setup that I’ve ever had. No buzzing, no dead spots, no weird intonations in different chord shapes; just pure, ringing, sustaining transparent tone that is going to push my playing to new heights.

Leo was also incredible to work with. Obviously if you’re thinking of buying a wolf or a tiger, you’re a GD fan; we were able to connect and discuss our shared love of that music and jambands in general. What really was great though was the communication throughout the entire build process and the fact that Leo could pull off the subtle customizations that I wanted in the guitar. We picked out the quilted maple top and back together, we talked through neck configurations and radius dimensions, electronic set up and color palette of the final stain. The entire process was a perfect example of boutique guitar building and great customer service.

You will not be disappointed with this guitar. It might actually make the rest of yours pale in comparison.

Jason W.
Denver, Colorado


Hey Leo:

Gary and others at the shop were all very impressed with your guitar. He loved the new carve and said it is much closer to the real mccoy. My main impression is that Tiger almost looked like a pedal steel from the side as the neck and Pus seemed raised and the body just waterfalled dawn from it, which your new Tiger seems to do much more than the one I have Jon Lavine. This carve is way better. As I said, I also love the wood grain that makes it unique.

The neck is very Tiger-like, much different than the one that I have, which is flatter, more modern strat. My recollection of the real Tiger is that it was much chunkier and this feels really great. I think the new one may be slightly lighter, too, which is interesting.

You set the guitar up perfectly. Gary didn’t need to do anything to it. I noticed straight away there was no buzz anywhere.

The tone is just gorgeous. I played it side by side with the Cripe and I think I prefer the Tiger! I need to dive deeper into why that is and will report back soon.

Mik is out here visiting, so I will show it to him when he visits my place. I’ll be interested to see how his will be different. I suspect his will be even more Tiger-like.

You are a master, Leo!! Your guitar is flawless!! Thank you for all the work you put into this amazing guitar!!

All the best,
Andy L.
Woodside, California


I feel I now know my Wolf 2.1 inside out. I am so happy I bought it. It was worth every penny and waiting day. I can’t emphasize how well the guitar plays and sounds and that’s apart from its physical/cosmetic beauty which takes everyone’s breath away. The on-board Stratoblaster is among its “secret weapons.” It renders the guitar everything from a straight Strat-syle axe to a fire-breathing monster. The other day, the guys in my regular Dead band were unavailable so I pulled together a jam with a collection of folks. We started out with Dead but soon moved into other music, including a bunch of ABB. I flipped from the middle to the neck PUP, upped the Stratoblaster output, and I’m not exaggerating, heads were turning. People couldn’t believe a Strat-style single coil guitar could sound that huge and fat. From what I’ve experienced of Leo’s persona and approach to luthiery, I can’t but see his guitars growing more and more refined with every batch. If you want a classic Fender, look pre-CBS. If you want a classic Scarlet Fire, look new.

Jon S.
Nov 22, 2014


Leo did great work on my 1978 Ibanez MC200. He changed out the electronics to Jerry Garcia specs, filled the hole left from moving the pup selector, did some full body refinish after some body sculpting.

My 1978 Ibanez MC200, with custom work.

Highly recommended.

Matthew C.
Canton, Michigan


Amazing Wolf…flawless build, plays great, sounds great, Fantastic work.

Kendall H.


Awesome Wolf! This guitar is worth every penny!

Bill R.
Pompton Plains, New Jersey


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