About Us

At Scarlet Fire Guitars we build our own line of hand–built Jerry Garcia-inspired custom guitars. I have long been a fan of the music of the Grateful Dead, and a musician inspired by the Dead for over twenty years. As a player myself, I was amazed how Jerry was able to squeeze such a wide palate of colors and tones out of these instruments. When I first set eyes on the Tiger, I was amazed at its beauty and elegant design. Over time, I learned much about the culture of innovation and experimentation that was so pervasive within the Dead organization. In that spirit, Jerry gave the master luthier Doug Irwin the leeway to create a masterpiece. Irwin did this not once but, at least three times. Now, I have dedicated myself to the study and re-creation of those unique creations.

At Scarlet Fire Guitars, I have humbly taken cues from the master. I will work with you, my customer, to create an instrument that meets your expectations and achieves your vision.  I wanted to create instruments whose beauty was only matched by their playability.  When I began to research the choices in the replica marketplace, I found that there were some great accurate replicas out there but at a price only a select few could pay. I also talked to owners of replicas who had purchased instruments for $4-5000 that were unplayable. I saw an opportunity to fill in that gap between unattainable and unplayable, and produce an accurate replica at a reasonable price. I had wood-working experience and some basic tools in the garage. I made the decision in 2009 to make my first instrument. It took some time, and a lot of trial and error, but I made that first instrument. I took the guitar to Bryant “Pablo” Russell, the restoration and repair expert, at Charley’s Guitar Shop in Dallas. After looking the guitar over he told me he was amazed that I had made such a fine quality instrument on my first try. He proceeded to tell me about all the “homemade” guitars he sees at the shop. “None of them looked and played like this”.  For those who are not from Dallas, Charley’s Guitar Shop is a Dallas icon. When any big-name act comes to town, Charley‘s is the place they go to fill any guitar-related need. After getting such a positive reaction from Pablo I knew that I was on to something special. After that experience, I gained the confidence to enter the marketplace with my instruments. I sold that first guitar on eBay to a man in Germany and Scarlet Fire Guitars was born. I have made several instruments since then. I continually hone and sharpen my skills on every new build, as well as continually innovate and reinvent my methods and approach.

While my work encapsulates the lessons learned from the many past masters who have blessed us with their contributions, I still see this process that moves forward into the future, as a collaboration between myself as the builder, and you, the owner of your new instrument.  I want you to feel that this instrument is an extension of yourself and your artistic vision, and will be an invaluable tool to help you realize your musical ambitions and bring your playing to the next level.  As such, while we look to the past for excellence and precedent, this work of art will live in the future.  For it to have that sort of resonance, it much be an authentic extension of yourself and your artistic vision.  Therefore, I strive to help realize your vision, customizing your instrument to fit your specific needs.

Call or email us today at scarletfireguitars@yahoo.com or (469) 289-0968 so we can get started today on your dream guitar. Satisfaction Guaranteed!